Named after the Hebrew word for "light",

Named after the Hebrew word for “light” (Genesis 1,3: וַיֹּאמֶר אֱלֹהִים, יְהִי אוֹר; וַיְהִי-אוֹר.), Villa Orr is located on the Sea of Galilee and combines unique luxury villa accommodations and a menu of both intellectual and spiritual experiences.

About Villa Orr

With everything Villa Orr offers, our guests can pick and choose what to experience from our extensive menu, everything from learning about local Israeli life and culture, way of thinking, food, history, the spirit of the sea of Galilee and Magdala, to the wild nature and its eco-systems.

Villa Orr has a spectacular view of both the Sea of Galilee and Mount Arbel, an ideal setting for an organic family getaway. It’s located in Migdal, 8km (5 miles) north of Tiberius. This beachfront villa stands on a cliff overlooking the Sea of Galilee, a 15-minute drive from Qasr el Yahud, and five minutes from Magdala.

Designed as a multi-generational sanctuary, the focus of Villa-Orr is family-orientated, spacious living. A magnificent Great Room forms the central point of the villa, with unrivaled views over the Sea of Galilee and an abundance of natural light. A separate family space is an excellent place for children to unwind, with various games a large-screen TV and TV screens in each bedroom. The villa sleeps up to 16 guests in five double bedrooms. An exclusive primary suite has been created, offering splendid panoramas and generous private bathing for those searching for an added layer of privacy.

Villa-Orr offers a perfectly crafted pool, and the jacuzzi is a calling card to all devoted sun-lovers. Alternatively, you can head down to the shore for a stone’s throw away and paddle in the crystal-clear sweet waters of the Sea of Galilee.


אודות וילה אור

“וילה אור” ממוקמת במושבה מגדל, באזור קסום מול הכינרת והר ארבל, משקיפה עליהם ושואבת מהם את אורה.

הווילה מציעה לשוכנים בה חוויה מגוונת ואיכותית, והיא אידיאלית עבור בני משפחה הרוצים ליהנות יחד זה בחברת זה וגם לקבל ערך מוסף מהשהייה במקום.

נוסף על ההנאה מהשהייה בווילה המושקעת, מהבריכה ומהג’קוזי המשקיפים לכינרת ולארבל, אנו מזמינים אתכם לחוות חוויות משותפות, ולבחור מתפריט הכולל אפשרויות להיכרות עם הסביבה של הווילה, לטעימת המאכלים המקומיים, ללמידת ההיסטוריה של המקום והחיים בו וכן לטעימה מחיי הרוח שאפיינו אותו.

תפריט האפשרויות מחייב הזמנה ותאום מראש ובתוספת תשלום.

Menu of Both Intellectual And Spiritual Experiences

We offer our unique menu to choose a taste from the Israeli spirit of innovation, to taste our local food, to experience different cultures, the story of ancient Migdal and Maria Magdalena, and experience some Kabbalah lessons

To coordinate and to optimize your stay and expireance we ask for a few weeks pre reservation (depending on time of year).

The rise of the start-up nation

Discussing the startup nation culture dilemmas and the Israeli paradigm shift  from a nation of holocaust survivors to the start up nation
- 2-4 hours meeting with Haim Gil-Ad

Meet our brothers the Druse

A unique experience Learning this minority and their interaction with Israel, their culture, believes and food
- Meeting with Angal and/or Nazzih Dabbur

Experience the Druse Galelee cousin
- Brackfast of Dinner are served to the villa or at Bait Jan An option for a private chef

Forager workshop
- Touring the wild fields near by with Angal Dabur. Foragering and tasting the taste of nature

Inspired by the gift of nature, Dr. Dabour cosmetics harness thousands of years of tradition and advanced bio-technology to extract unique botanical properties for skin & hair health, beauty and wellbeing.
- Visit to Dr. Dabur labs and personal tour and tastes

Kabbalah experience

Empower individuals and communities to create a world of peace, love, joy, and harmony for humanity
- Zoom participant in live Kabbalah lessons. A private lesson with Rabi Shaul Youdkevitch is an option.

Jewish holy sites and tombs - Basic to the custom of pilgrimage to these locations is the belief that prayer at holy sites has special meaning. The faithful hold that the righteous buried at these sites will act as advocates before God, enabling our prayers for health, success in marriage, and a comfortable livelihood to be heard
- A private tour with Moshe Alush

A guided tour of the Top Christian sites at the Sea of Galilee

Follow Maria Magdalena
- From the writing of the New Testament to the filming of The Da Vinci Code, her image has been repeatedly conscripted, contorted and contradicted

It is in the Valley of Gennesaret that Jesus landed after he walked on the water, the most important miracle performed by the Son of Man, that like the spirit of God was hovering over the water.
- We will understand this miracle in its biblical and geographical context

Shiatsu treatments

Unique holistic Shiatsu treatments by Yoram Sadde
- served to the villa for a minimum two consecutive treatments

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